Aeschynanthus Twister 25 cm

Aeschynanthus Twister 25 cm

Aeschynanthus Twister 25 cm

  • Producator:Agava
  • Cod produs:4AETWHA10
  • Aeschynanthus sp.
  • Disponibilitate:In Stoc
  • Stoc:28buc.
Livrare:Doar in Bucuresti
  • 130 RON


Amplasare: lumina filtrata, indirecta


Udare:  o data pe saptamana, solul insa trebuie mentinut usor umed in permanenta


Temperatura: min 15°C


Inaltime planta cu ghiveci(hanger): 25 cm


Marime ghiveci: 15 cm


Livrare doar in Bucuresti


Fiecare planta este aleasa direct din sera partenerului nostru din Olanda, verificata, ambalata cu atentie si livrata direct la tine acasa. Livrarea estimata este de 7-10 zile lucratoare. 

Imagine cu titlu de prezentare. Marimea, forma si culoarea produsului pot varia usor.

The Aeschynanthus ‘Twister’, also known as the Lipstick Plant, originates from the humid, tropical rainforests of Asia. This unique plant belongs to the Gesneriaceae family and is mainly found in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and the Indonesian archipelago. With its bright flowers and shiny leaves, this species has adapted to the shady conditions of the rainforest understory.

The Aeschynanthus ‘Twister’ is an epiphytic plant characterised by bright, recognisable flowers and the ability to grow on other plants without harming them. It is marked by its long, trailing stems that are topped with clusters of red, tubular flowers. It is the spiral growth habit that gives the Twister its name. The foliage is dense, the leaves are small to average in size, green in colour and shiny.

In terms of care, the Aeschynanthus ‘Twister’ requires a warm, humid environment and indirect light to flourish. The plant does not tolerate direct sunlight, but it does need a fairly good amount of light to bloom. Ideally, the potting soil should be kept slightly moist, but the plant should not be overwatered to avoid root rot. During the winter period, the plant needs less water. It is also recommended to regularly mist the plant to mimic high humidity levels, which are similar to the Aeschynanthus 'Twister's natural habitat.